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District Profile

Chief Administrative Officer - Mr. Kaziba Moses Nandala

Contact: 0772517 398


Bukwo District is located in the far eastern part of the East-ern Region of Uganda. The district has one county, four sub-counties and one town council. It has a population of 67,500 of which 62 % has access to safe water. Mount El-gon National Park forms one third of the district.

Year Creation: Bukwo district was curved from Kapchorwa District in July 2005.

Area of Creation: It has a total area of about 528 km2and lies between latitudes 1 18N and longitudes 34 44E.

Administrative Structure: The administrative structure of the district is made up of: one (1) County; Eleven (11) Sub-counties and one (1) Town Council; sixty six (66) Parishes/ wards and five hundred twenty seven (527) Villages.

Population: Bukwo district has an estimated total population of 81,354 people with a sex ratio of 99 males to 100 females and a population growth rate of 4.0 percent. The population of the young constitutes more than half of the population (57.8% are below 18 years of age) and only 4% are above 65 years of age. 20% of the district population is below 5 years of age, 21% are of primary school age (6-12 years). Over 95% of the population lives in the rural areas. The population density stands at 111 persons per Square Kilometre.

Sector Specific:

Health Sector: Bukwo district has 13 health centers which are currently functional. There is one (1) health center IV, three (3) health center IIIs and Nine (9) health center IIs. All HCIIIs and HCIV have permanent structures and fully equipped. Out of the 9 health center IIs, 3 are under semi-permanent structures with modest equipments.

Education Sector: Bukwo district has a total of 49 Government aided primary schools, 5 Government Aided secondary schools and 6 Private Secondary schools. All have permanent structures with 418 primary teachers and 34,820 Pupils giving teacher pupil ratio of 1:83.

SDS News

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